Why should we honour kindness?

As we start a new week, a new month and a new quarter, let us be inspired by this video entitled “Unsung Heros”, and think about why we should choose to honour kindness, even though it might not make us rich or famous.

As mentioned in a previous blog and on page 11-17 of Winning with Honour, research has shown that transcendence – that is, helping others self-actualize and be the best that they can be – is the highest need of every human being. Also, to live a satisfied life, we need to value love and relationships above everything.

To put it simply, if we want to live full and satisfied lives, we need to remember that life is not about ourselves, but about others.

As Mr Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba, said: “No matter how successful you are in your career, you must always remember that we are here to live. If you keep yourself busy working, you will surely regret it.”

Mr Ma also said: “We are here to make things better for one another, and not to work.”

As mentioned in the “Unsung Heros” video : “What does he get in return for doing this everything? He does not get anything. He won’t richer, won’t appear on TV. Still anonymous…and not a bit more famous. What he does receive are emotions. He witnesses happiness. Reaches a deeper understanding. Feels the love. Receives what money cannot buy. A world made more beautiful.”

Choose to honour kindness today to make your own life more satisfying…and the world around you a more beautiful place.  

By Joanne H. Lim


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