where do trees come from

“Where do trees come from?”

Some say that trees come from adult trees. Many say that trees come from seeds.

But think about it.

Will the seeds grow if they are put in a vacuum? No, seeds will not grow if deprived of air.

Will the seeds grow without moisture?  No, seeds will not grow without water.

So, is it right to say trees come from seeds?

It is right in a superficial kind of way, but not if you think deeper. Trees are hydrocarbons. So in a simplistic kind of way we can say that trees are made up of water and carbon – this is why seeds need water and the carbon dioxide in the air to grow, as well as nutrients in the soil.

One last question: will seeds grow in darkness? 

No, the seedlings need sunlight to grow, as well as chlorophyll in the leaves, so that photosynthesis may proceed and the water and carbon dioxide can be brought together to make hydrocarbon.

So what are seeds?

Seeds are the imprint, the genetic code that determines what kind of tree the seeds will.

Seeds only represent potential, and how much a seed’s potential will be realised depends on the environment.  

If there is a wall beside the seed, the tree will grow stunted as it strives to get out of the shadow to get to the sunlight. If a seed is deprived of necessary nutrients, less than its full potential would be realized.

So, where do trees come from?

It is an important question for leaders to ponder over. 

Each person in your team is like a seed, who comes to you with talents and abilities with the potential to do good work and to contribute…but how much he or she succeeds depends on the work environment you foster!

Is it an environment which encourages effort, appreciates work and recognizes results?  Or it is an environment which suppresses creativity and discourages innovation?

Like seeds growing into trees, leaders determine whether their people grow stunted or are able to reach their potential. 

May you wisely choose the environment that you choose to foster for your team!

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