Are you the chicken or the pig?


When I was in São Paulo, the industrial and commercial capital of Brazil, last week, I attended a meeting with a healthcare entrepreneur. 

The most important words I heard from him were:

“It is a pleasure to be the best! Don’t chase money. If you are the best, the money will follow you!”

He said he works long hours and through the weekend never thinking about money, but about how to keep pushing his business to be the best. 

He illustrated this point by giving the story of the pig and the chicken, a story of total commitment:

“The pig and the hen were debating on who is doing the more good, and they got to talking about ham and eggs.

The hen said she making very good contribution – eggs for the health of others. 

The pig responded that his was a case of total commitment, a sacrifice of himself to provide ham to others.”

So, is your commitment like the hen or like the pig when it comes to your family, work, and anything else that you undertake in your life?  

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